Tips to Avoid Google Penalties In 2019

It’s obviously a big achievement to have a website running on higher rankings. Apparently, there are various webmasters present in the market, people utilize these webmaster tools by implementing various strategic techniques to boost their website’s rankings to the next level. These ways can be categorized as ethical as well as unethical depending on the previous experiences of the website’s owner. Ironically, to acquire these rankings without experiencing any frequent Googles Penalties seems impossible.

The most common strategic way to boost the rankings of any website is performed through link building. Significantly, a proper Link Building Approach inspects the performance of your website and make sure is receiving a sufficient amount of traffic via each inbound and outbound links engaging on your website and another website via exchanging links. Although, most people get penalized by Google based on their links and performance.

More Precisely, these Google Penalties kept on disrupting your website performance and keeps you driving through challenging competencies. Most of the companies in middle eastern regions such as the UAE and Dubai are working on Google Trends to eliminate penalties engaged by well-known search engines such as Google and Bing. In this instance, The SEO Specialists and Web Developers at Web Experts, a renowned web development agency in Dubai are working to eliminate penalties associated with search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and the miser Google.   Hence, in this article, we have researched in-depth about Google Linking Penalties in 2019 and the ways how one can avoid them while implementing new link building strategies for their own website.


Creating Strategies to Eliminate Excessive Mutual Link Building

Despite the fact, it probably seems necessary to enquire website sources that are building links to your website for quite a long time now. Initially, it seems the devastating approach of exchanging links, now it has been considered as a link building strategy such as when two website owners might be seen exchanging value for their recurrent benefits. Synonymously, most people tend to possess anyone’s right moral sense, this is regarded as a bad linking strategy that might possibly get you penalized. Hence, if you are not considering a value exchange, then it is recommended for you to avoid excessive mutual link building approach for your websites, blogs without focusing on any sort of possible disadvantage, more precisely, if you are new in the blogging industry.


Avoiding Manual Link Spam Penalty


It is evident that Google Bots are the most common elements that stand out against unethical & risk-taking link building practices. Although, there exist higher possibilities that someone from Google’s web spamming team might be reviewing your activities remotely on your website for standardizing its linking profile by imposing a manual penalty on your site.

However, it could be quite an easy task and you might feel acclaimed that how someone from Google’s team uses your websites and imposes a penalty. It may seem bad luck, but it is also possible that it might be some sort of spamming link from a competitor side that might have to strategize your team to oversee your site’s linking profile. You must always consider Google’s report and make elegant strategies via Googlebot may also lead to manual testing, to avoid alongside penalties.


Avoiding Low-quality link penalty

The complete procedure of building organic links is to induce link building practices to the next level in the need of earning better rankings. However, it is obvious that gaining your links via performing right practices will assist you to earn better rankings on search engines. Albeit, people don’t understand the whole story and end up desperate from building links techniques attained from various sources, without considering their quality.

Moreover, it’s an obvious fact that attaining backlinks from various sources helps you in making value for their target audiences, eventually, it also results in your website’s growth. The purpose of these links is to make sure, as to whether your website’s content is satisfying the target audiences needs, even it also creates a valuable impact on the competitor’s websites and their target audiences. It must be kept in consideration that if you get involved in the practice of creating backlinks from a low-quality website then Google might penalize you for utilizing them.


Must Avoid Algorithmic Associated Link Spamming Penalty

If your website gets penalized by an activity performed by the algorithm, regardless of manual action, it is regarded as an algorithm based link spam penalty. The news reports that via using Google’s Penguin Algorithm, websites are imposed penalties that are supposed to be spam and usually purchasing or obtaining these links from various linking networks, there are significant chances of getting penalized. If you get penalized, you might experience a substantial reduction in its organic traffic and it might de-indexed completely. Hence, it’s recommended to avoid such practices and disrupting techniques.

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Avoiding Unnatural Outbound Link Penalty

If your website comprises of guest posts and blogs, then It’s recommended to properly review your content before publishing it on your website. This content is mostly tested via links pointing back to the guest’s sites and can impose a significant negative impact on your website link profile.

Certainly, you’ll have to oversee the submitted content to figure out any outbound or low-quality and spammed websites. Always keep in mind, never allow No Follow links on the content produced by the user. You are required to perform a manual review to approve the links possessed in the content posts.


Look beyond Private Blog Network

The network of blogs or website owned and used by yourself to build links on the network is regarded as a private Blog Network. It’s necessary to avoid this specifically engaged penalty, as it is a risk-taking and unethical activity that most likely imposes a penalty on your website. Significantly, a private blog network has a different genre and it creates a lot of problems on your website online rankings and reputation if a penalty is imposed by Google on the Private Blog Networking.


Proper Usage of Keywords to Create Exceptional Content

Obviously, focusing on keywords is one of the most important ingredients to write quality-oriented content. Several Algorithms are used to analyze the quality of the content, as with Google’s Penguin Algorithm, the quality of the content matters a lot.

However, speaking about the quality means that your content should devise the attention of the readers. Mostly, we are dived on improving the consistency of content for Web Crawlers & Google’s Algorithm. Your sole intention should be on writing useful and engaging content for people, especially your target audiences via using keywords wisely.

It must also be considered that the quality and quantity of the content are kept consistent. Always focus on your working schedule and try to utilize the best practices of SEO to rank your website by proper utilization of keywords and by focusing on the latest trending topics and vice versa.



Hence, we have solely discussed the practices to avoid Google Penalties for your website’s link profile as it can certainly posses’ negative impact on your website’s reputation considering the guidelines provided by Google. Nevertheless, people can never bother penalties, the efforts should always be made to avoid them considering the best practices of pertaining ethical link building procedures and the ways to deal with them accordingly.

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