Top Web Trends That Will Be Followed By Startups in UAE Throughout 2019

With the rise of technological advancements in several dimensions of web design and development. Significantly, businesses are pertaining to adopt diversified business models to capture the insight of several clients and customer-centric division to mark new horizons in the market sector. However, the professional growth of any business depends upon its products and web design services that focus on different levels of target audiences.

Considering the market sector of UAE, it’s certainly a true fact that web trends are evolving rapidly, algorithms are constantly changing pertaining to web design trends to colors and latest design elements, also large and medium-sized businesses must refresh their website to meet the increasing requirements for your target audiences and focus groups.

In 2019, Mostly people are experiencing enhanced user interaction designs, animations, illustrations, interactive background, visual effects on website and responsive UI/UX designs created by the leading graphics designers of the industry. Albeit it’s a wonderful opportunity for web designers to experience a rapid design process to grab the attention of the users, allowing the users to stay on the particular webpage for a considerable time period. Hence, in this article, we have discussed the top web trends followed by startups in UAE in 2019.


Mobile First Design Approach

It’s evident that mobile first design is an important strategy that must be utilized by every startup business to acquire enhanced insight of creating user interactive mobile designs keeping in mind the mobile first design strategic approach. Moreover, Google provides a higher preference for indexed & mobile-friendly websites, as compared to a non-mobile friendly website. Thus, it is capturing the insight of people that the mobile first web designs will experience a new edge in the technological industry of UAE in 2019.

Significantly, the mobile first design will make a huge transition in designing quality-oriented websites. Nowadays, the emerging startups and businesses are devoting more efforts on designing and development of websites considering the mobile first design approach prior to the deliverance and deployment of the desktop version of the web application. Thus, it is proven that mobile first design strategy fulfills the requirements of mobile users and it enhances online usability experience, it is expected that this trend will proceed further for a certain time period.


3D Illustrated Web Designs


The most adaptable and useful category of media for creating user interactive images, user-friendly and custom design elements. However, new trends are focusing on current trends with a clear focus on 3D Environment. This subjective transition requires efforts to devise innovative 3D elements adding an in-depth and realistic element to the design providing a link between the real-world objects and virtual world entities.


Engaging Video Background

The most popular web design trends in UAE that will embark vast publicity and reputation in 2019 will be video background. It must be understood that every business requires an appealing and attractive video background to boost their conversions whether it may be a web design company, restaurant, travel agency or a digital marketing agency. As always, it’s an attention-grabbing and effective technique to persuade visitors to your website for quite a long time period and transforms them into regular clients. In terms of Digital Marketing, when a visitor visits your website for a longer time period, it will immediately increase your time period on site metrics and improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and generates better ROI.

Nowadays, clients don’t prefer reading text rather they prefer watching videos, as videos can convey messages in a faster and precise manner and create brand influence in the visitor’s mind. Currently, Google has proceeded further to feature video content over web pages. This is the reason why most of the businesses are creating several video contents to optimize their websites with engaging video content for their homepage based on your brand’s identity and target audience approach in order to gather more traffic on your website and search engines.


Usage of Voice-Enabled Chatbots

The rapid advancement in Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing has led to the emergence of intelligent and efficient voice-enabled chatbots provide effective and responsive online communication. Interaction with chatbots has become a common trend for technology enthusiastic clients.

Likewise, sufficient amount of enhanced chatbots will be implemented in several businesses and startups to utilize a higher level of communication with your team members, as it allows businesses to effectively respond to the queries of their clients without any physical interaction. The service works 24/7, providing customer satisfaction and aims to take their brands identity to the next level.



Nowadays, it’s important to stay on the current web trends as almost every business and startups in UAE particularly Web Agencies in Dubai are focusing on improving the performance and responsiveness on their website. Spend some of your time to examine and evaluate the web trends in 2019 and select the one which you think will work for your startup business website. It must be kept into consideration that whatever design you choose to implement into your website make a clear deceptive approach that it should always focus on the enhancing user experience, as it will help you to stay one step ahead of your competitors in 2019 and beyond.

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